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The 5 Best Kidney Belts in 2022

Kidney Belts

Table of Contents

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Kidney Belts

Table of Contents

1. The Best Kidney Belt in 2022 : Urgo Electrotherapy lumbar belt

Recommended for acute and chronic lumbago, with or without sciatic nerve pain, this Urgo lumbar belt uses electrotherapy for fast, long-lasting pain relief.
This Urgo lumbar belt has been specifically designed to treat acute lumbago and chronic back pain, whether or not associated with sciatica problems. To do this, thanks to TENS technology or transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation, impulses are sent via the electrodes to almost instantly stop the transmission of the sensation of pain and to gradually stimulate the synthesis of endorphins for a lasting result.

Wearing this electrotherapy lumbar belt lasts between 25 and 30 minutes, depending on the program chosen (there are 4 associated with different levels of intensity). Although it can be used several times a day, doctors recommend spacing each session by at least 6 hours to avoid addiction. This medical device against back pain has practically no side effects, but transient redness may appear on the skin after use. This lumbar belt can be used from the age of 16; its size is adjustable between 75 and 140 cm.

2. The best inexpensive lumbar belt : Freetoo Lumbar Support Belt

Although entry-level, this lumbar belt offers good back support, prevents and relieves mild and moderate back pain thanks to its 6 straps arranged at the level of the lumbar area.
This inexpensive lumbar belt is preventive and curative. So whether you’re planning on doing activities where your back might take a beating, or you already have mild to moderate lumbago, you can wear this device. Its use can extend over several hours, but it will be necessary to put the belt over light clothing (T-shirt, tank top, shirt, etc.) and remove it when you sleep. Rest assured, perspiration will be measured thanks to the breathable and openwork fabric of this article.

23 cm high, but with an adjustable waist, this lumbar belt adjusts with Velcro. It has a central part to be placed at the level of the spine as well as 6 support straps, arranged symmetrically on each side. A double layer pressure acts effectively on the lumbar area to relieve pain like a good relaxing massage. Admittedly, it is not a heating belt, but its action against less intense ailments remains very appreciable.

3. The best high-end lumbar belt : Thuasne Lombastab

Available in heights of 21 and 26 cm, this top-of-the-range lumbar belt adjusts to your size thanks to its ingenious lace-up fastening. Its strong point: its analgesic effect noticeable in just 15 seconds!
Faced with chronic, acute or transient low back pain, as well as back pain due to fatigue or false movements, this top-of-the-range lumbar belt will quickly relieve you. Indeed, it does not take him more than 15 seconds for the pain to begin to subside and disappear entirely in the minutes that follow. And, even if you have fragile skin, the soft, plush lining of this medical pain relief device prevents redness and irritation.

Two heights are available for this Thuasne lumbar belt: 21 and 26 cm; it’s up to you to choose according to your morphology. Then you have to adjust the elastic laces according to your waist size and the level of support you are looking for. Although this device can be worn overnight, it should only be done if absolutely necessary. It should also be noted that this lumbar belt produces a thermal effect even if it is not heated; it helps in relaxation and muscle relaxation.

4. The best lumbar belt for pregnant women : Donjoy MyBabyStrap

Back pain related to pregnancy becomes more bearable with this lumbar belt for pregnant women. Whether you are standing or sitting, comfort does not waver thanks to the rear and front stays.
Pregnancy is often accompanied by back pain due to lumbar hyperlordosis (inward curvature of the lower back) or increased load on the abdomen. Because the consumption of medication is reduced as much as possible during this blessed period, the pain of the future mother is relieved with this maternity lumbar belt displaying a height of 23 and 8.5 cm respectively at the level of the back and the belly. The waist circumference is adjustable between 80 and 130 cm.
To relieve pain, support the muscles and bones of the lower back, this lumbar belt is equipped with 4 posterior whales and 2 others anterior. The first are rigid, because they help the back to support the weight of the belly; the second are flexible to conform to the correct postures recommended and to avoid dangerous movements. The whole thing rebalances the pressure in the lumbar area to relieve pain. In terms of comfort, nothing to complain about: the soft velvet lining is a hit!

5. Sinnlein Heated Kidney Belt : The best heated waist belt

Designed to relieve transient back pain, joint pain and chronic low back pain, this heated lumbar belt calms pain thanks to 3 temperature levels.
Hot stone patches and massages have proven that heat quickly alleviates pain and accelerates muscle relaxation. These same benefits are on the agenda with this multi-use heated lumbar belt. Indeed, in addition to relieving the back, it also soothes joint pain and stomach aches, even those caused by menstrual pain. The heating part of the belt can therefore be placed on the back or on the stomach; the 29 cm in height is enough to wrap the treated areas well.

Supplied with a backlit remote control, this heated lumbar belt offers 3 temperature levels to choose from. Even if you tolerate the heat well, go gradually so as not to attack the skin. In addition to the anti-overheating system, this device also has an automatic shutdown mode that engages after 90 minutes of use. Leave at least 6 hours between each session to avoid depending too much on the lumbar belt.

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