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The 4 best reading glasses in 2022

The 4 best reading glasses in 2022

Table of Contents

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The 4 best reading glasses in 2022

Table of Contents

1. The best reading glasses in 2022 : VisionGlobal – 4 pairs of reading glasses

Comfortable, ultra-lightweight and blocking blue light, these VisionGlobal reading glasses are the first choice for people with moderate presbyopia.
This VisionGlobal offer is off to a strong start with 4 pairs of oval magnifying glasses whose lens power varies between +1.25 and +6.00. These models can thus help readers with different levels of presbyopia. These VisionGlobal magnifying glasses are ideal for viewing content on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Indeed, they have quality lenses and an advanced coating that provide optimal protection against blue light. By opting for these models, you will therefore not risk compromising the quality of your sleep and reduce eye fatigue. Other things you might be interested in: The lenses of these glasses are anti-reflective and won’t scratch easily.

With spring hinges, the temples are able to open 25° outwards. This means that these frames can adapt to a large number of face shapes. Adopting a featherweight, reading glasses are not heavy on your nose. Yet they hold on so tightly that they won’t fall off when you tilt your head forward. The cases that are included with the purchase are small enough not to be bulky in your bag.

2. The best entry-level reading glasses : PharmaGlasses – Reading glasses

Offering ideal lens power for presbyopes aged 60 and over, PharmaGlasses reading glasses are a must-have for close-up readings at an affordable price.
This pair of glasses from PharmaGlasses has a diopter equivalent to +3.50, which is perfectly suited to people in their sixties. Being single vision, the lenses of these magnifying glasses are mainly designed to correct minor vision problems such as presbyopia. So they allow you to enjoy a comfortable reading experience up close. You can easily spread its branches thanks to spring hinges, which can be relevant if your head takes on a certain volume.

As a quality reading glasses, this model from PharmaGlass does not scratch quickly and can therefore last for several months of effective use. The sober design of these glasses is perfect for home use, such as when you read your favorite magazine before going to bed. Despite its simplicity and affordable price, PharmaGlasses reading glasses are pretty solid. We can thank its frame which is designed from high quality plastic. Your purchase of these magnifying glasses also includes a handy case to store them when not in use.

3. The best high-end reading glasses : Nootz ELA Collection Dual

The premium model of this selection, the pair of NOOZ magnifying glasses gives you the benefit of a high quality design as well as incredible reading comfort. It comes with a super flat case.

Adopting a design that is both authentic and chic, the Nootz Collection Dual is definitely one of the reading glasses you are proud to wear. This is made possible thanks to an incredible synergy obtained between metal and nylon to form a minimalist frame. The latter does not include screws, which ensures a certain solidity. In terms of diopter, Nootz reading glasses can have a lens power equivalent to +1.00 up to +3.00. So you shouldn’t have any problems finding a model that fits your degree of presbyopia perfectly.

The lenses are just thinned enough that it doesn’t look like you have big eyes wearing these reading glasses. In order to provide you with a relaxing reading experience, Nootz has provided a padless nose pad. The case providing hard protection is extremely flat (17mm), which is very convenient to slip it almost anywhere.

4. A great alternative : Eyekepper – 5 pairs of reading glasses

This pack of five reading glasses is popular with many presbyopes because of the elegance, comfort and robustness of its models. In addition, his models are pleasantly light.
These glasses inherit the excellent quality of Eyekeeper and fully comply with current standards such as BS EN ISO 12312-1. They enjoy a good quality plastic design and won’t bother you when you wear them in the office or at home. With up to +4.00 diopter correction, these vintage magnifying glasses are recommended for long close-up reading sessions.

Coming in a pack of five, these reading frames are plentiful enough that you’ll always have a pair on hand to read something up close. A tinted pair accompanies the pack, which is handy to protect you from the sun when reading outside. The aspherical coating found in the lenses of these pairs of magnifying glasses allows them to be highly resistant to scratches. As one would expect from its maker, the temples feature spring hinges. This allows them to adapt to your morphology and also protects them from the usual breakages.

How to choose your reading glasses

Due to the growing presbyopic population and the wide accessibility of reading glasses, there is a significant variety of models available from stores. To find your way around more easily and select the best pair of magnifying glasses, use these 5 following criteria:
How to choose: reading glasses
Criterion n°1: The diopter
Presbyopia is characterized by a natural decline in the quality of vision with age and often causes difficulty in reading something up close. It is measured in diopters which relate to the degree of power of the lenses of the magnifying glasses. Beginning at age 40, diopter typically increases +0.50 every 5 years. For example, at the age of 40 to 45, one can expect a diopter between +1.00 and +1.50. For people over the age of 60, between +3.00 and +3.50 should be expected.

A reliable way to know the most suitable degree of correction for you is to carry out a diopter test. To enjoy better reading comfort, do not anticipate a higher diopter. For example, between +2.50 and +3.00, it is recommended to choose the first value.

Criterion n°2: Unifocal, progressive or bifocal?

Another instinct to have is to determine the type of reading glasses that suit your specific needs. More precisely, it is a question of selecting the kind of reading glasses that will adapt perfectly to the severity of your eye disorders:

This is a good option if you experience any kind of vision problem (myopia, hypermetropia, etc.).
These glasses are recommended if you suffer from several eye disorders that prevent you from reading properly up close.
These models are excellent for presbyopia.

Criterion n°3: Use

Once you have defined the type of reading glasses and the correction, it is necessary to become aware of your specific needs. Each pair of magnifying glasses can bring its share of comfort and strengths depending on your use:

Light and stylish models are suitable for working in the office.
Magnifying glasses with sun lenses are vital if you plan to read outdoors.
For DIY sessions, versions that can easily be hung around the neck are very practical.
Opt for foldable reading glasses if you are constantly on the move.

Criterion n°4: The shape of your face

Do you have a round face? If so, choose reading glasses with rectangular or oval shapes. This allows you to subtly break the roundness of your head. Oval faces, on the other hand, have ideal proportions. As a result, a large number of frames will suit them. So it’s mostly a matter of taste.

In order to obtain a soft homogeneity in the triangular faces, it is recommended to select discreet frames. As an example, pierced and lightweight reading glasses are perfect for this kind of face shape.

People with a square or rectangular face will have to counterbalance the elongated effect of their head. Appropriate choices at this level are round reading glasses with appropriate dimensions. You will soften the geometric sides thanks to the pretty curves of the round or oval frames.

Criterion n°5: With or without blue light filter?

This last criterion will essentially depend on your frequency of interacting with digital devices that project blue light. If you are used to reading texts on a computer or smartphone, it is strongly recommended to opt for magnifying glasses with a blue light filter. In this way, you will not risk suffering from eye strain. This kind of protection might not be a must if your reading sessions are mostly through physical books.

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