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The 4 best electric toothbrushes with water jet in 2022

The 4 best electric toothbrushes with water jet in 2022

Table of Contents

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The 4 best electric toothbrushes with water jet in 2022

Table of Contents

For more effective tooth brushing, there is nothing like the electric toothbrush with water jet. This high-tech accessory is recommended by dentists to overcome tartar and bacteria. This is the guarantee of better oral health. You now have different models at hand from specialist shops. Here are some tips for finding the right one.

1. The best electric toothbrush with water jet in 2022 : Oral-B Pro 900

If you need a dental handset to maintain your teeth in the best way, this electric brush kit is for you. Autonomous and complete accessory, Oral-B Pro 900 brings together a brush with multiple heads and a high-performance oxyjet water flosser.
Do like the majority of dentists in the world by opting for Oral-B brand products to maintain your oral cavity. Treat yourself to a thorough cleaning that eliminates up to 100% of dental plaque with 2 modes of use available. In low mode, the device focuses on the residue stuck between the teeth while the intense mode uses the water jet function enriched with microbubbles of pure air with Oxyjet technology.
Thanks to the better designed round brush head, your teeth will be rid of plaque completely compared to a traditional style brush. From day one, whiten your teeth with this complete kit consisting of a water flosser, electric toothbrush, 4 oxyjet nozzles and 2 CrossAction brush heads. The great autonomy of the device also allows you to use it much longer.

2. The best entry-level electric toothbrush with water jet : Turewell Water Flosser Dental Jet

For a more modest budget, the Turewell Water Flosser will offer you maximum user comfort with its 8 multifunction nozzles and 10 water pressure settings. A 600 mL tank and IPX7 waterproofing add to its overall performance.
Designed to take care of the teeth of the whole family, this water flossing dental jet stands out for its great versatility of use. To reach areas inaccessible by manual toothbrushes, this model is equipped with a powerful electric motor that performs between 1250 and 1700 revolutions per minute. With a pressure between 30 and 125 PSI, the water jet can easily reach the difficult parts to eliminate up to 99.99% of the food residues that remain there.
To adapt to all types of teeth and gums, the Turewell water flosser has 10 pressure adjustments for possible use from toddlers to seniors. Share the device with the whole family thanks to its 8 multi-purpose nozzles consisting of 3 standard high-pressure nozzles, 5 water jet heads in different colors for everyone.

3. The best electric toothbrush with high-end water jet : Oral-B Genius X + Aquacare 6

To experience better maintenance of your teeth and gums, the Oral-B Genius X is one of the most convincing choices. Clean your oral cavity with Aquacare 6 performance and its various support accessories for the whole family.
If you are looking for a dental handset that adapts to all types of use and for all ages, this complete kit is made for you. With 6 brushing modes, this device cleans cleanly in Gum Care, Whiteness, Softness and Tongue Care mode. Oxyjet technology is also present for an intense washing action thanks to cleaning with pressure. In all, the device has 3 intensities of water pressure between a sensitive, normal and intense mode.
This electric toothbrush with water jet is also able to remember your brushing style in order to offer you optimal performance in each of your movements. You can also alternate between 2 streams of water between a targeted style and a rotary style for gentler interdental care. The sleeve comes with 4 jets and other accessories.

4. Very good choice : Waterpik Completecare Sonic 9.0

Among the electric toothbrushes with water jet that offer the best value for money, this article ranks among the most popular. Give the whole family complete oral hygiene with a toothbrush and water flosser.
Remove up to 9 times more stains than a conventional toothbrush with this compact yet powerful dental handset. Whether it’s for regular use, for braces, dentures and more, this multifunctional accessory gets the job done. With a complete kit consisting of 2 jet tips, an orthodontic tip, a plate seeker tip, a pik pocket tip and 2 sonic toothbrush heads, you won’t miss anything to clean your teeth.
Brushing can be done according to 3 cleaning modes between a massage, whitening and washing mode. In 60 seconds of use, remove up to more than 75% of interdental residue with this device, regardless of whether the area is accessible or not. A compact and elegant design allows you to quickly find a place for it in the bathroom.

How to choose your electric toothbrush with water jet

Between the specificities and the type of toothbrush desired, the choice is wide and requires a calm reflection. To make it easier for you, here are some criteria for choosing the right electric toothbrush with water jet.

Criterion n°1: The power of the jet
One of the major criteria in choosing an electric toothbrush with water jet remains the power that accompanies the integrated water jet. For the best models, the water flosser has a great pressure that varies between 20 and 150 psi. It will therefore be important to pay attention to this detail if you want to have a good result and better oral hygiene.

Criterion n°2: Autonomy

If you opt for an electric toothbrush model with a cordless water jet, remember to check the duration of use of the device after each recharge. For this type of device, an autonomy of 60 to 90 minutes will be preferred. This will allow you to use your toothbrush for a few days to a week before you need to change the batteries.

Criterion n°3: The capacity of the reservoir

An electric toothbrush with a water jet also assumes that the device is equipped with a water tank for cleaning. Depending on the size and design of the toothbrush, the reservoir capacity ranges from 300 mL to 600 mL and beyond for larger models. A larger tank means less water refilling during use.

Criterion n°4: Various functionalities

In addition to the various accessories and tips that accompany the main handle of an electric toothbrush with water jet, there are also the essential options. We can talk about the programmable function of the device or the technology used by the device to perform better cleaning of the teeth and gums. Without forgetting the adjustment of power and flux.

Criterion n°5: Fixing

Knowing that the toothbrush comes with several accessories, the manufacturers have thought of all kinds of installations. If you have a small bathroom, there are wall-mounted or suspended models so as not to take up too much space. If space is not a problem, there are models to simply ask.

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