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The 4 Best Air Purifiers for Allergies in 2022

The 4 Best Air Purifiers for Allergies in 2022

Table of Contents

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The 4 Best Air Purifiers for Allergies in 2022

Table of Contents

Did you know that indoor air is on average 8 times more polluted than outdoor air? Dust, gases and other particles can be found in the air inside homes. They cause many forms of allergic reactions. Using an air purifier for allergies is therefore more convenient. If you want to know more about how to choose an air purifier for allergies, read our guide, we explain everything there.

1. The best air purifier for allergies in 2022 : ROWENTA – Eclipse QU5030F0 2-in-1 fan purifier

With this Eclipse QU5030F0 air purifier from Rowenta, you also benefit from a customizable column fan with multi-oscillation function in addition to being programmable.
If you are looking for an air purifier capable of reducing and even eliminating the risk of contamination with different viruses in your home, the Eclipse QU5030F0 from Rowenta will certainly seduce you! It is indeed a device designed to effectively capture animal hair, pollen and dust. It also has a high level of air filtration capable of retaining up to 99.95% of the smallest particles and allergens ranging from 0.1 micron such as the H1N1 virus.

Easy to use, the device has a control panel that allows you to choose from the 12 powers offered. You can also program the purification time range according to your needs with a wide range of 8 m. In addition, the Rowenta Eclipse QU5030F0 has an automatic mode for its fan which can adapt its air distribution power according to the outside temperature thanks to its integrated pollution sensors or even activate the oscillation from 30 to 120°. It should be noted that this device remains silent (32 dB) even when operating at maximum speed.

2. The best air purifier for entry-level allergies : LEVOIT – Home Air Purifier with HEPA H13


Levoit offers with its air purifier an ideal technology for people with allergies, prone to asthma and also for babies with an almost zero ozone emission level.
By opting for this air purifier from Levoit, you have a very practical device to fight against atmospheric pollution. Incorporating Vortexair technology which includes 3 levels of filtration, you have in hand a device capable of purifying the air 5 times per hour in an area of 40 m² . Its 3 filters delivered at the time of purchase are able to capture and retain dust, animal hair, pollen and mites which can cause allergies. They are also effective in eliminating up to 99.97% of allergenic particles as small as 0.3 microns present in the air.

Designed for easy use, you can program the timer and control the purification speed according to your needs via its touch screen. Another advantage of this air purifier is that it is also ideal to be installed in the baby’s room since the ozone emission rate is almost zero. Added to this is its very low sound level of 24 dB, almost inaudible, and the presence of a comfortable night light that does not use UV/Ion light. Note that you have the possibility of changing the filters of your device according to your purification needs.

3. The best air purifier for high-end allergies : Philips – Domestic Appliances 4000i Series

Ensure the air quality in your home with the Philips Domestic Appliances Series 4000i air purifier. This connected device is effective against germs and other impurities.
Do you suffer from allergies, asthma or other illnesses that prevent you from living peacefully in a polluted environment? The Domestic Appliances 4000i Series air purifier can provide you with an effective solution to combat the proliferation of bacteria, dust and other substances harmful to your health. This device can indeed detect, thanks to its sensors, the level of pollution and the quality of air present in real time in your house . It thus adapts its sterilization speed with an average of 5 minutes for a surface of 20 m².

Its 3-layer filtration system NanoProtect HEPA filter, activated carbon and pre-filter can trap up to 99.97% of germs, pet hair, dust, gases and other allergy-causing particles. With touch control, the device can also be controlled remotely on Android or iOS mobile phones via its dedicated Clean Home+ application or via third-party applications such as Alexa and Google Home. It is recommended to change the filters of the device every 3 years to guarantee its efficiency.

4. The best air purifier alternative for allergies : Electrolux – WellA7 air purifier anthracite

This WellA7 anthracite connected air purification device is intended for all allergy sufferers and newborns to guarantee the purity of the air at all times.
Electrolux offers with its WellA7 anthracite purifier equipped with 360 ° AirFlow technology a reliable and efficient way to treat the air present in a room of 60 m² in just 7 minutes. Its 5 levels of filtration allow it to retain 99.93% of allergens that can cause allergies and respiratory discomfort. The ionizer neutralizes dust and particles suspended in the air to guarantee you clean air at all times. In addition, the presence of its high-performance sensors (PM1, 2.5, 10, TVOC) gives it the possibility of continuously analyzing air quality.

The WellA7 air purifier acts immediately and automatically by adapting its sterilization speed in order to minimize the risk of exposure to various harmful substances. Certified ECARF (European Center for Allergy Research Foundation), the device can also be controlled and programmed remotely using the Wellbeing application that you can install on your smartphone or mobile tablet running Android or iOS. And with the various optional kits available, this device can be hung on the wall or simply placed on the floor to blend perfectly into your decor.

How to choose your air purifier for allergies ?

To keep the air inside the house healthier while avoiding allergic reactions, air purifiers for allergies are the perfect solution. However, the choice of such a device involves taking into account certain criteria that will allow you to benefit from its many advantages.

Criterion n°1: The HEPA filter

The HEPA filter neutralizes dust and other particles that can be found in the air. An air purifier for allergies must therefore be equipped with a high-level filter. This is the case of the HEPA filter, which provides 99.97% efficiency by having the ability to capture particles with a size of 0.01 micron. These particles manage to penetrate deep into the lungs. So an air purifier for allergies with a high level HEPA filter would therefore be more suitable. Make sure, however, that you can replace the filter fairly easily. In fact, to maintain its ability to eliminate particles in suspension in the air, it must be replaced regularly, generally every 6 months.

Criterion n°2: The ionization function

The presence of the ionization function in an air purifier for allergies also reveals a decisive element when choosing such equipment. Ionization generates negative ions in the room to attract harmful particles and weigh them down. This causes the rapid descent to the ground of these particles which cannot be captured by the filters. Thus, they will be absorbed when vacuuming. The dust and particles in suspension will then disappear from the indoor air, thus preventing the spread of diseases by air. An air purifier for allergies with an ionization function thus offers maximum efficiency.

Criterion n°3: The activated carbon filter

The carbon filter takes on an element that can also be present in an air purifier for allergies. It is certainly only one option among many others, but its presence inevitably improves the efficiency of the device. Indeed, the activated carbon filter captures certain allergens, including those in a gaseous state, that the HEPA filter cannot capture. The activated carbon granules in the filter will absorb allergens and trap dirt. An allergy air purifier with an activated carbon filter neutralizes unpleasant odors, such as pet odors, cigarette smoke, and even cooking fumes. Also remember that it is necessary to change the filter regularly to maintain its effectiveness.

Criterion n°4: The clean air diffusion rate or CADR

Another of the most essential selection criteria for choosing the right air purifier for allergies is also the CADR or Clean Air Delivery Raten. It indicates the filtration capacity of the device, the speed at which it eliminates pollution in the air. In other words, it demonstrates the rate of air purified by the device. When buying your air purifier for allergies, be aware that the higher the CADR value, the more effective the device will be. Usually it is indicated in cubic meters per hour. A device with a CADR above 350 is an excellent choice. Models that indicate a CADR of less than 100 are the worst performers.

Criterion n°5: Additional options
Air purifiers for allergies come in a wide variety of designs. While there are options with automatic sensors to filter the air automatically, others come with multiple power settings and increased filtration performance. More innovative devices are also emerging, smart air purifiers for allergies. Indeed, they are able to measure air pollution and adjust performance based on the values obtained. The sensors of the top models are even able to recognize what type of dirt it is.

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