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The 7 Best Orthopedic Cushions in 2022

Best Orthopedic Cushions

Table of Contents

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Best Orthopedic Cushions

Table of Contents

Do you sleep badly at night? Are you prone to back pain or discomfort in your lower limbs? The orthopedic cushion can help you get rid of these ailments. In addition to relieving pressure points, it promotes blood circulation, supports the spine and limits the appearance of muscle spasms and cramps. For the knees, the neck, the coccyx, the lumbar, the legs, the back, the buttocks, even for animals, find the orthopedic cushion adapted to your needs through this guide.

1. The best orthopedic pillow in 2021 : Original Emma Pillow

Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or sides, the Emma Original pillow will provide maximum comfort. Memory foam, it has an adjustable height that improves sleep and soothes neck and back pain.
Emma offers her Original shape memory pillow. The latter adapts to your morphology and “remembers” it to provide optimal support for the head and neck . The famous brand of mattresses even provides an ingenious cover, strewn with small cells to promote air circulation, thus erasing the main defect of memory foam, that is to say heat retention.

The Emma Original pillow consists of 3 layers of memory foam. Each layer is removable. By removing a layer, you reduce the height of the pillow. The height then adapts to the position in which you feel most comfortable. In short, this orthopedic cushion will make you happy whether you sleep on your back, on your stomach or on your side.

2. The best entry-level orthopedic cushion : Odoxia knee pillow

The Odoxia orthopedic cushion is ideally placed between the knees. It is recommended to relieve the sciatic nerve, the joints or the back. Light and soft, it will appeal to those who sleep on their side.
Weighing just 300g, this orthopedic cushion measures 26.01 x 18.01 x 18.01 cm. You can place it between your thighs, under your knees, under your leg or under your ankles to find the ideal position for the night. Its use relieves joint pain and reduces pressure at the same time . In addition, it contributes to the alignment of the spine while improving blood circulation.
The blue washable cover offered contains viscoelastic memory foam. To facilitate attachment and use, Odoxia has added elastic straps. Finally, this orthopedic cushion is recommended by medical experts in case of sciatic, back or joint pain. You can even use it as a pregnancy pillow.

3. The best high-end orthopedic cushion : Mobiclinic anti-decubitus orthopedic cushion

The Mobiclinic has been specially designed for people who, for various reasons, are bedridden for a long time. Discreet, it uses innovative technology to prevent bedsores and put you at ease.
The Mobiclinic Orthopedic Cushion uses pneumatic material to prevent pressure sores and make prolonged bed rest more comfortable . This material is composed of air cells which deform independently. Thus, the surface of the cushion adapts precisely to the morphology of the user. These independent cells also promote aeration.

This orthopedic cushion can also be placed on a wheelchair, sofa or chair. It limits the pressure on the body while sitting, hence the feeling of comfort. Note the breathable polyester cover as well as the air pump to inflate it in minutes. Are you looking for a useful and effective orthopedic cushion ? Buy this one. 

4. An excellent orthopedic cushion for sitting : Bonmedico Orthopedic Cushion

The Bonmedico orthopedic cushion has a shape memory foam which gives it exceptional comfort. It perfectly fits the buttocks, thus relieving the lower back and the spine.
The Bonmedico orthopedic cushion measures 45 cm x 7 cm x 35 cm. It is made of 100% 45D polyurethane memory foam, the viscosity of which allows it to perfectly match the shape of the buttocks when you sit on it. Thanks to this essential characteristic, the cushion proves to be ideal for those who have sciatic pain or who suffer from hemorrhoids.

For more comfort, the manufacturer has added a layer of polyurethane cooling gel, thus offering a feeling of freshness at all times. Its suede cover is detachable. You could therefore machine wash it at 30°C. This cushion is also very popular for its super practical side. It has a handle that gives you the possibility to carry it everywhere. The orthopedic cushion can be used in a vehicle and on a wheelchair due to its great versatility.

5. The best alternative to the Emma orthopedic pillow : Ergonomic pillow Eve

Did you miss the Emma orthopedic pillow? Try Eve’s! Offering almost the same benefits, this model guarantees an excellent night’s sleep, whatever your sleeping position.
This 75 x 50 cm ergonomic pillow comfortably supports the neck as well as the head and shoulders. It offers firm support for a soft and pleasant welcome . Inside you will find memory foam padding, a must for a good night’s sleep. Do you tend to sleep on your side or rather on your back? No matter, this cushion will conform to it.

The real plus with the Eve orthopedic pillow is that the level of comfort remains unchanged for 3 years and you have 30 days to try it out and see if it meets your expectations. The cover, for its part, is made of a knitted technical fabric. Note that this material has good elasticity in addition to its feel and hypoallergenic character. For maintenance, nothing could be easier. Remove the cover and put it in the washing machine at 40°C.

6. A set of orthopedic cushions for a double benefit : Orthopedic seat cushions SOFTaCARE

Do you sit for hours in the car, at home or in the office? Buy the SOFTaCARE orthopedic seat cushion. This accessory improves the comfort of all seats and limits the appearance of back pain.
This set of 2 SOFTaCARE orthopedic cushions is for people who sit for several hours at a time. Its shape and composition aim to improve posture by aligning the spine. This has the effect of increasing seating comfort and limiting the onset of back pain. Opening each washable cover reveals memory foam and a layer of polyurethane gel.

You can put SOFTaCARE orthopedic cushions anywhere: car seat, office armchair, dining table chairs, sofa… Each cover has a non-slip underside which provides better hold on the seats. Note that these cushions are available in 2 sizes (M and L) in order to adapt to all morphologies and all builds.

7. The ideal orthopedic cushion for animals : Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Pillow

Does your dog suffer from joint pain? Give him the Bedsure orthopedic dog pillow. This accessory welcomes him in the greatest comfort and improves his health. Robust, it remains easy to clean and maintain.
Animals are not spared from joint pain. When these pathologies appear, you can limit their effects by offering your pet the Bedsure orthopedic cushion. It is made of a memory foam that will relieve the doggie’s pain. The 89 x 56 x 8 cm cushion will be large enough to accommodate large dogs.

In order to protect the memory foam, the Bedsure orthopedic pillow comes with a waterproof liner. The cover, meanwhile, can be removed for cold machine washing. It attaches with a simple zipper. Besides dogs, you can gift the Bedsure to a cat or a rabbit.

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